Deska Duotone Soleil SLS 2023


The hugely popular Soleil gets the SLS makeover, making it stronger, lighter and superior in every way. The Soleil SLS offers unrivalled freeride/freestyle performance for female kiteboarders everywhere, featuring a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra construction coupled with an incredible design.


You deserve the best, and as a female kiteboarder, this is it. The Soleil SLS packs in all the incredible female-specific freeride/freestyle design features of the Soleil and wraps them up in a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra package that is hard to beat. The advanced materials in combination with Space Flex reduce the weight and make the board stand the test of time, improving the performance.

You will feel a much more dynamic connection to the board, which offers a faster, smoother ride and a lot of pop. You will discover tricks become easier, and your riding improves as the performance capabilities of the board are unlocked. The board features a narrower outline, allowing you to carve from rail to rail a lot easier. The solid construction ensures consistent flex throughout the board's length and has been tailored for your weight to allow the best pop while also offering a smooth ride. The 2023 Soleil SLS is simply the best freeride/freestyle board for the female kiteboarders right now; accept no substitutes.

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