Used North Rebel 2012 9m Kite


The legendary North Rebel kite, size 9m from 2012, in a very good condition

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The legendary North Rebel kite in size 9m from 2012. Rebel is the most popular model of this company, it is a construction recognized in the environment. This kite works great in the hands of a beginner and allows for quick and safe development in swimming. Perfect as a basic universal size for a light person or for strong winds.

A great choice for someone who is looking for universal equipment to improve their skills and have a lot of pleasure in swimming. The main advantages are: Air stability, low bar forces, wide wind range thanks to efficient depower control, very high up lift and long, pleasant hangtime, very easy to get out of the water, very good lower wind range helps with milder winds.

  • Very wide wind range
  • Little strength on the bar
  • Quick reaction to bar control
  • 5 lines (full security)
  • Great depower range
  • Armored structure
  • The forces spread over the entire surface of the material

Set includes: kite, backpack, repair kits, bar

The kite sold has been used privately for 3 seasons, the general condition is good, the material has been repaired but the material itself is in very good condition, still rustling.

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